About Us

Dikayu is one of the best wood and rattan furniture manufacturers in the city of solo.
We have 2 production warehouses located in the Rattan industrial area at Trangsan 
Sukoharjo Gatak (rattan) and Klaten (Wooden). We produce various kinds of furniture needs
for both rattan and wood furniture for all rooms at home and others. We have provided
furniture manufacturing services in various regions and exports In addition to making 
furniture for home furniture, we also serve orders for cafe, restaurant, apartment, 
hotel and other furniture projects. 

Our company is very well known among the general public as a rattan furniture supplier 
and has won the trust of various parties both domestically and abroad. The products 
we make are almost 100% for export purposes, especially exported to European countries,
Japan and Korea. 

Our company also focuses on serving domestic rattan furniture orders. We serve 
national orders both on a large and small scale. The products we make include tables, 

chairs, cupboards, beds, and other rattan handicraft products, all of which are made 

from natural / synthetic rattan, water hyacinth, seagrass, pandanus, banana, wood etc. 

for wooden products we specialize in old teak wood such as tables, buffets, chairs,
cabinets, etc. besides that we also often combine rattan and wood like webing cabinets,
webing beds and others