How to Order

We accept orders for furniture both on a large and small scale,You want to order even one chair we will 
serve very well. Our company is able to reach furniture shipments to all regions of Indonesia and abroad Ordering furniture in our company can be done in two ways: Come directly to our address You can order furniture by coming directly to our address at: Online Ordering For those of you who live far enough from our company, you can place an
order online, and later the product you ordered will be sent to your address via a shipping service. Ordering from other countries for buyer you can ask us to make a sample in advance with progress reports we will
send regularly. and when the sample is finished you can visit our place and we will pick you up You can place an order online by contacting us via: BOOKING PROVISIONS The conditions for ordering offline / online for our company are as follows: 1. For the initial order, please pay DP (down payment) of 50% of the total product price + shipping costs. 2. After you have paid a down payment of 50%, we will send receipts as proof that you have ordered furniture
in our company. 3. You can use these receipts as a tool to hold us accountable if the order furniture does not arrive at
your address. 4. The products you ordered are not ready stock, we will make the items first with an estimated manufacturing
time of around 2 to 3 weeks. 5. The size and color of furniture can be changed as desired by the customer. Our company provides more than 50
color choices of cushion covers with American Drill brands, Namura, SR10 and Ateja. You can choose one of
the colors of the cover cushion / foam to be a choice of color cover cushion / foam on the furniture that
you ordered.  After the furniture you ordered is finished / finished, we will send you a photo of
your order's furniture. 6. After you see the product photo of your order and agree on the results, please pay off the remaining 50%
less payments. If we have received a 50% cash shortfall, we will send your order furniture that day through
the shipping service. Our company has a shipping service partner to various regions in Indonesia
and of course your order furniture is safe during shipping. 7. for order Export minimum order 20 ft